Welcome to our pharmacy at Sokos Hämeenkatu! Our aim is to exceed your expectations in both selection and service. Here you’ll find products for any need and receive warm, personal service for any medical and health related needs.

We are easy to reach!

From Hämeenkatu there’s an easily accessible entry to the pharmacy. If you travel by car, you can easily find parking spots at the Sokos parking hall.

Medication counselling

We verify the safety and compatibility of your medication and check for possible drug-drug interactions. Feel free to ask us if you have any health-related concerns.

European prescription

Written prescriptions from other EU member countries are valid in Finland also. Electronic prescriptions written in Croatia, Estonia, Poland and Portugal are also available, if you have given consent to release your prescriptions to Finland.

Note however that all foreign prescription medicines might not be available in Finland or might be available in different packaging sizes.

Generic substitution

The pharmacy is required to inform you if a generic medicine for your prescription is available for a lower price. We can substitute your medicine for a generic one if you or your doctor don’t disallow substitution.

Medical waste disposal

Expired medicines are hazardous waste that must not be disposed with household waste. We will take care of your expired and other unused medicines. Please return the medicines to us in their original packaging.

Please pack the following separately:

  • Medicines containing iodine or cytostatics.
  • Thermometers containing mercury.
  • Injection needles.

Contact us

You can reach us by e-mail at or by phone at +358 3 871 710.